Risk Notifications

The purpose of this notice & nbsp; is to inform Customers about the & nbsp; potential risks associated with & nbsp; trading in & nbsp; financial markets (including & nbsp; on & nbsp; Forex market).
This notice may not disclose all information about all potential risks due to the variety of possible situations.
This notice is an integral part of the Service Agreement. All terms and concepts used in this Notice should be interpreted in the meaning given in the Service Agreement.
Operations in financial markets can bring both large potential profits and are associated with potential risks associated, inter alia, with the effect of leverage and high volatility of instruments used in trading in financial markets.
By accepting the Service Agreement, the Client fully takes into account and assumes the risks presented in this Notice.
The company recommends careful consideration of the question whether the risks arising from conducting operations in financial markets are acceptable to Clients according to their goals and financial capabilities.
The company strongly recommends that Customers familiarize themselves with all the basic materials contained on the company's website in order to get a clear idea of both trading in financial markets and the risks inherent in trading in financial markets.
The company also recalls that the forecasts provided to users are the result of an analytical assessment of the situation in the financial market and in no case are recommendations to Clients for opening deals and developing their own trading strategy.
All transactions performed by Clients in the financial markets are carried out by Clients at their own expense, at their own discretion and at their own risk. The client is fully responsible for taking into account all potential risks, the use of their own financial resources, the chosen trading strategy and the results of transactions. The Company shall not be liable in any form for possible losses, direct or indirect, that may arise for Clients as a result of operations performed by Clients, including in the case of using forecasts obtained by Clients from the Company.
The company strongly recommends that Clients place stop loss orders in order to limit potential losses.
Use when making deals in financial markets software and hardware means entail the potential risk of financial loss due to malfunctions or slow operation of information, communication, electronic and other systems. The client agrees that the information sent by e-mail in unencrypted form is not protected from unauthorized access. The Client assumes the risk of unauthorized access by a third party to the possibility of making transactions on behalf of the Client.
The client assumes the risk of financial loss that may be caused force majeure circumstances.
The client assumes risks in all cases when the performance by individuals of operations in financial markets, in particular, in the Forex market, is prohibited or limited by the legislation of the country of residence of the Client. Regardless of whether the Client informed the Company about the existence of such a ban for the Client (including information on the Client’s place of permanent residence, on the Client’s citizenship of the respective country, on the availability of other citizenship and so on. ) or not notified, all and any risks arising from the peculiarities of regulation in the respective country of individuals' access to trading in financial markets, including the Forex market, are borne exclusively by the Client. The Company informs the Clients that in a number of jurisdictions, the implementation of Clients access to financial markets, in particular, activity on the Forex market, is prohibited or significantly restricted, and therefore the Company does not currently operate in such jurisdictions. In particular, the Company does not operate on the territory of the European Union, the United States and Israel. At the same time, due to the fact that the services for providing access to financial markets provided by the Company are of a public nature, and also taking into account the fact that Clients independently decide on informing the Company about the presence or absence of citizenship of a particular country, about the place of their permanent residence, and also because the Company does not have the technical ability to track from which country the Client carries out trading activities (including due to the presence of VPN programs that hide the actual stonahozhdenie Client, as well as due to the movement of clients from one country to another during the period of service provision) - all possible negative consequences in connection with the above, shall be directly to the customer.
Agreeing with the terms of the Service Agreement, the Client confirms that he has studied the validity of participation in trading in financial markets for the Client, assessed the consequences of his actions and provided the Company with comprehensive information about his status.